Scottish Charity Night 2009

Rabbie Burns 250 years Video

First Minister Raises Saltire in Aboyne Video &Images

Crann Tara visit Strathleven Artizans Images

Annual Arbroath Commemoration 2009 Images

Battle of Bonnymuir Images

Dundee Law Commemoration 2009 Images


Annual Torchlit Commemoration 2009 Images

Culloden Gaelic Society Commemoration 2009 Images

Rusty's Rebel March 2009 Images

Wallace Deserves Better Images

Annual Andrew De Moray Commemoration 2009 Images

St Andrews Day Fundraiser 2009 Images

Bannockburn Commemoration 2009 Images

Holland Trip 2009 Images

Swords, dirks and other pointy things

Battle of Falkirk Commemoration 2009 Images

Battle of Killiecrankie 2009 Images

Aboyne Highland Games 2009 Images

Aberdeen Tartan Day 2009 Video

Borders Gathering 2009 Images

Wallace Commemoration 2009 Elderslie Video & Images

Stonehaven Wallace Commemoration 2009 Images

Scribblers Picnic 2009 Images

Stirling Bridge Commemoration 2009 Video & Images

Saltire Raised at Castledykes Park Dumfries 2009 Images

St Andrews Day Rally 2009 Images



Strathleven Artizans Ceilidh 2008

Annual Arbroath Commemoration 2008 Images

Strathleven Artizans in NYC 2008 Images

Dundee Law Commemoration 2008 Images

Battle of Bonnymuir

Torchlit Commemoration Culloden 2008 Images

Culloden 2008 Gaelic Society Images

Rusty's Rebel March 2008 Images

Gathering of the Clans Tomatin Inn 2008 Images & Video

Dirk Dance Tomatin Inn 2008 Video

Restoration Appeal March Ballachulish Images

Stirling Castle Legends Day 2008 Images

Annual Andrew De Moray Commemoration 2008 Images

Ireland Trip - The Battle of the Boyne - Images

Ireland Trip - Alisdair McColla Commemoration Images

Ireland Trip - Alisdair McColla's grave and the Knocknanuss Battlefield Images

Unveiling of New Crann Tara Flag Video

Ireland Trip - The Story Images

Ireland Trip- Carrickfergus Images

Ireland Trip - Press Cuttings The Corkman Images

St Andrews Day Fund Raiser Images

Feungirola Spain Strathleven Artizans Images

Aberdeen Highland Games Images

Bannockburn Commemoration Images

Battle of Falkirk 2008 Video & Images

Battle of Killiecrankie Video & Images

Aberdeen Tartan Day Images

Blue Lamp Aberdeen Images

Robroyston Commemoration Images

Wallace Day Commemoration Elderslie 2008 Images

Scribblers Picnic 2008 Video & Images

The Walk over Corrieyairack Pass Images

West Highland Tour Images

Jocks Road 2008 Images

Braemar Commemoration 2008 Images

Stirling Bridge Commemoration 2008 Video & Images

Surprise Benefit Night Images

Bergues France 2008 Images

St Andrews Day Rally 2008 Video

Kirriemuir Wargames Exhibition 2008 Images

Ferryhill School Aberdeen Images

Winner of the Crann Tara Personality of the Year 2008

Albannach at the Barrowland Glasgow Video


Glencoe Commemoration 2007

Scottish Charity Night 2007 - Glasgow Images

Dundee Law Commemoration 2007 Video & Images

Glen Clova Commemoration 2007 Video & Images

Torchlit Commemoration Culloden 2007 Video & Images

Culloden 2007 Gaelic Society Video & Images

Rebel March 2007 plus evening entertainment Tomatin Inn Images

Crann Tara go back to school 2007 Images

Bannockburn Commemoration 2007 Images

Gillies Hill Campaign 2007

Unveiling of the Falkirk Cairn 2007 Video & Images

Killiecrankie Commemoration 2007 Video and Images

Aberdeen Tartan Day Images

Aberdeen Wallace Commemoration 2007 Images

Stonehaven Wallace Commemoration 2007 Images

Elderslie Wallace Commemoration 2007 Images

Strathleven Artizans trip to Teba, Spain Images

Stirling Bridge Commemoration 2007 Images

Luthermuir 2007 Images

Unveiling of the Bonnymuir Memorial 2007 Images

Battle of Prestonpans Jacobite Commemoration 2007 Images

Aboyne Fire Festival 2007 Images

A Tale O' Twa Stanes 2007 Video U Tube

York Commemoration 2007 Images

Calum's Ceilidh Images

St Andrews Rally 2007 Images

Crann Tara Personality of the Year Award

Winner of Crann Tara Personality of the Year Award 2007 Images



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