1. Name

The name of the group shall be known and referred to as “ Crann Tara” or

The Fiery Cross.”

2. Aims and Objectives

A] To educate, promote and enlighten people, about Scottish culture, heritage

and history.

B] To promote, educate and raise awareness among the Scottish people, issues which would benefit Scotland .

C] To support groups or individuals [whether political or not ] acting within the

law and in a democratic manner. Who also fall into the criteria of the aims

and objectives of both section 2a and 2b. Possibly by way of sponsorship

providing funds allow and the members agree by voting unanimously.

D] To attend or organise events which relate to section 2a and 2b. E] To bring together clan groups and societies etc who have the same aims and

objectives as section 2a and 2b.

F] To collect and display and make public knowledge facts regarding to section

2a and 2b, by way of website/s or other.

G] To create and support projects and campaigns without being political, which

would bring awareness and hopefully public support on issues involving

Scotland . i.e having the Wallace document returned to Scotland , having

important places and sites marked with a, plaque ,cairn, or statue etc.

H] To encourage members to write to the press on issues regarding Scotland .

I] To consider ourselves as the group of the future, by being involved in all

matters relating to Scotland for the good of the country.

J] To encourage the involvement of the younger generation.

K]   To up hold but one allegiance, to that of Scotland. 

3. Membership

A] All members shall be responsible for raising their own funds for membership

which will be subscribed annually.

B] All members shall pay to the treasurer, the required annual subscription fee

either at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] or within the allowance

time of 30 days after the AGM. Should the required subscription be failed to

be paid within this time period, it will be deemed that subscriber no longer

wishes to be a member of “Crann Tara” and will be withdrawn from the

membership list.

C] Membership fees will be reviewed on an annual basis at the AGM.

D] New members will be subject to full membership fees as soon as their

application has been approved. [ Although an application has been approved,

this does not automatically make you a full member.]

E] To become of full member status, a probationary period of no less than one

year will be served. There will be no maximum time limit on the probation

period, this will be at the discretion of the committee. Once the committee

decide you worthy of membership, you will then be issued with a

membership card, which will be issued for identity purposes, and is non

transferable or transmissible. From this point you will be able to have the

rights, benefits and privileges of being a full member of “Crann Tara”

F] Only in exceptional circumstances will a new member be allowed to serve

less than the probationary period as stated in section 3e and this will only

be allowed at the discretion of the committee.

G] Membership is open to anyone who agrees to endorse and promote the Aims

and Objectives, Rules and Constitution of “Crann Tara”, section 2a and 2b.

H] A membership form will only be accepted if the applicant has fully read,

understood and accepted the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of

“Crann Tara” and have a sponsor who is already a full member.

I] A membership can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the committee,

should the “Rules and Regulations be seriously breached by any member.

This will be deemed by how serious a breach of the Rules and Regulations

has occurred. A decision will then be taken by the committee in which the

member will have no right of appeal, should the decision be made to revoke

membership this will result in the termination of all rights and privileges

belonging to “ Crann Tara” and the right to hold a membership card will be

made void.

J] Should any member of “Crann Tara”, committee or otherwise wish to tender

their resignation, this should be done via the secretary who will then inform

the rest of the group and appropriate measures will then be taken.

Unfortunately the membership fee will be non returnable.

K] All members application details will be kept in the strictest confidence and

will not be disclosed to any third parties.

L] Any person under the age of 16 shall pay no membership subscription,

providing there is at least one parent or guardian's details on the application


M] Members maybe subject to a full disclosure Scotland .


4. Finance and Property

A] All funds of “Crann Tara” shall be lodged within a Scottish Bank and will

r equire a minimum of two signatories for all withdrawals, one of whom

must be the Treasurer.

B] The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the proper books of accounts

together with receipts of expenditure.

C] All funds shall be used for the aims and objectives of “Crann Tara” as in

Section 2, with the exception of purchasing weapons, where members will be

encouraged to acquire their own although it is not a requirement.

D] All heritable property owned by “Crann Tara” shall be in the names of

at least two office bearers, one of whom will be the Treasurer. The deeds

to all property shall be lodged with a bank or solicitor for safe keeping.

E] Any property donated to or inherited by “Crann Tara” shall be dealt with by

the Treasurer.

F] The Financial year will be a calendar year from the time of the AGM.

At the years end, the Treasurer will be required to submit a financial report,

which will be the following AGM.


5. Office Bearers and Committee Members

A] The committee of “Crann Tara” shall consists of 7 members, three of which

are office bearers, a Treasurer, a Secretary/Co-ordinator and a Convener

These positions shall be responsible for the final decisions made towards all

business concerning “Crann Tara”, these positions are electable annually at

the AGM.

B] Positions within the committee will be held for an undisclosed time and

can only be changed with a majority vote of more than two thirds at an AGM.

The position can only be replaced by a fully paid up member, who shall be

proposed and seconded before going to an open vote in accordance with

section 6b

C] Junior office bearers who are not on the committee have no sway or

authority on decisions made by the committee.

D] No member of “Crann Tara” shall hold more than two posts simultaneously.

6. Voting

A] A committee decision will based on each member having one vote each,

w ith the final outcome being decided by the majority.

B] All members of “Crann Tara” shall have the right to vote at an ordinary

meeting on all business issues. The outcome will be based on a majority vote,

although a final decision may rest with the committee if the majority vote is

challenged in any way. See section 5a and 5b.


7. Ordinary Meetings

A] Ordinary meetings will be held with the intention of involving all members.

Members will be able to submit ideas and be updated with the business of

“Crann Tara”. which may include proposals and changes to the rules,

regulations and constitution.

There will also be the opportunity for guest speakers and members alike to

give an address on matters relating to the aims and objectives, section 2a

and 2b, subjects which are of common interest whether political or otherwise.

B] At least 30 days notice will be given by the secretary of a meeting, this notice

will be given in writing stating the date, time and venue.

C] All items to be proposed for the agenda shall be submitted at least 14 days

before the date of the meeting.

D] At least 3 of the 7 committee members have to be present at an ordinary

Meeting for it to go ahead, and at least one shall be an office bearer.

E] Any ideas or suggestions arising from the meeting shall be presented before

the full committee for further discussion, a decision will then be made see

section 5a. The outcome will be acted upon and members will be informed

at the next meeting.

F] All members should by courtesy inform the secretary as to whether

they will manage to attend the meeting or not, this should be done no later

than 14 days prior to the meeting.


8. Annual General Meeting

A] “ Crann Tara” shall hold its AGM in the month of … ………….each year.

B] At least 60 days notice will be given in writing to all members by the

secretary stating the date, time and the venue for the meeting

C]    The only business of the AGM is to vote on the re-election of office bearers,

junior office bearers and committee members, necessary reports to be submitted for the preceding financial

and administrative year, amendments to the constitution and the revue of annual fees

D] Following the AGM there will be an ordinary meeting where all of section 7

applies apart from 7d where all committee members are obliged to attend.


9. Matters of Urgency and Emergency

A] Should any matters arise that are considered to require immediate attention,

c ontact should be made with the secretary who will circulate the information

to the rest of the committee to decide whether or not a meeting is called for.

B] Should an emergency meeting be called, the agenda of the meeting will only

include the matters considered urgent.

C] Notification of an emergency meeting will be issued to all members as

quickly as possible by the secretary with date, time and venue.


10. Conduct of Meetings

A] The conduct of all meetings shall be the responsibility of the Convener or

acting convener, to keep the meeting as strictly to the agenda as possible

and keeping order.

B] The convener will be responsible for deciding if there is a sufficient number

of votes to qualify for a majority or not, for a motion to be passed.


11. Press and Public Communications

A] Only members of the committee are authorised to give press releases or

s tatements to the media on behalf of “Crann Tara” unless authorised to

do so by a committee member.


12. The Website/s

A] All material, ideas and upgrades which are proposed for the website/s shall

be put before the committee for approval, before being finally administered

B] All decisions regarding the website/s should be put before the committee

before further action is taken.

C] The website/s shall be used in accordance with section 2a and 2b.


13. The Adminstation of Crann Tara

A] In the event of “Crann Tara” splitting up, the decision has been made to sell

all assets and donate the total amount of funds to one or more Scottish group

or society etc.


14. Events

A] Although “Crann Tara” covers a wide range of events relating to various

aspects of Scotland and all periods of Scottish history, it is not an

obligatory requirement that members should attend all events. However

there are certain events where members are required to attend, for these

events in particular it would be common courtesy to inform the secretary as

early as possible prior to the event of one's intentions, whether one will be

able to attend or not.

B] In order to save argument, should there be a one or more events proposed at

the same time, particularly commemoration events, priority shall be given to

the event with the most important anniversary, example, Wallace 700,

Culloden 250 and then to an order of descendancy and importance.

15 Politics and Religion

A]  Crann Tara [ Fiery Cross ] does not have any allegiance to any political or religious parties, groups or



Prosperity to Scotland and no Union


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