Hi...Jamesie  from  the  Scottish  tribal  pipe  and  drums  band  ALBANNACH  here.
What  is  Albannach  I   hear  you  say........well  for  me  its  everything I  feel  for  Scotland..pride, passion, romance and  a  healthy  dose  of  aggression......its  music  to  stir  your  blood, music  to  stomp  your  feet, music that  makes  you  proud  to  be  a  Scotsman!
I  like  to  think  that  our  music  awakens  something  deep  inside  you.......something  primeval, something  from  way back........so  surrender  to  the  pipes.....let  the  drums  enter  your  soul  and  prepare  to  be  tribalized!!

VIDEO ALBANNACH in Stonehaven 2006 CLICK HERE kindly donated by Alex Calderhead of Highland Images -----Jamesie's words "Best gig ever"


VIDEO The Fantastic ALBANNACH Aberdeen Tartan Day CLICK HERE


VIDEO Barrowland Glasgow CLICK HERE


VIDEO Albannach Practice for US tour ! CLICK HERE

VIDEO Ceilidh Maryhill 13 mins of Albannach.CLICK HERE


The band of Ted Christopher and Bannockburn are spectacular in as much as they really wind up a party. Ted is so clever at writing lyrics that you will be fascinated by his approach to Scotland and their music.

Ted Christopher wrote this song and sang it in St Bartholomew Church in London on 23-08-05 in commemoration of William Wallace. This is magnificent and the words are tremendous!

From the Album I'm Coming Home
I'm Coming Home © Ted Christopher 2004

VIDEO Ted Christopher - Im Coming Home CLICK HERE

Ted Christopher and Bannockburn - Scotland's Premier Party Band

From the Album Follow the Wild Geese Home

Slainte Mhath ©
Ted Christopher & Bannockburn
CLICK HERE to play track

Follow the Wild Geese Home © Ted Christopher & Bannockburn CLICK HERE to play track

Scottish Dawn © Ted Christopher & Bannockburn
CLICK HERE to play track

VIDEO Ceilidh in Maryhill Glasgow CLICK HERE


Well kent for their rousing Scottish ballads and music. The dynamic duo of Scottish folk. If they don't get you going �Yir deed'.

VIDEO Gaberlunzie live in Stonehaven CLICK HERE


Gibby MacNaught plays Bagpipes, 5 string Banjo, Guitar, Whistles, Flute and Bodhran, at events the length and breadth of the country as well as abroad. He piped at the Wallace statue in Aberdeen for the 700th anniversary of William Wallace,s death playing the tune "Scots Wha Hae" for the assembled gathering.

VIDEO A compilation of Music CLICK HERE

From the Album A Kiss At The Door
(is a mixture of traditional Scottish songs and tunes)
Steal Away © Gibby MacNaught
CLICK HERE to play track
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda © Gibby MacNaught
CLICK HERE to play track

From the Album Burnt Haggis and Soggy Neeps
(has a mixture of funny songs, stories and jokes)
Mountain Dew © Gibby MacNaught
CLICK HERE to play track

From the Album Bathaiseach
(contains Scottish love songs and battle songs) (a good mix)
Ye Jacobites © Gibby MacNaught
CLICK HERE to play track

I have been in the music buisness now for over 25 years, 15 of these as a Traditional Scottish Folk Musician having previously been a bass player in a rock band. I have always been passionate about Scotland and the Music that surrounds her.My Instrument selections are {Guitar},{Mandolin},{Bouzouki},{Bodhran}        and{Whistles} I have played in various bands over the years, including {Claymore} & {Schiltrum}but decided recently to become a solo artist as I feel my style of song writing was pulling me very strongly in that direction. I have played at venues up and down the country at clan re-enactments memorials, Battle     anniversaries and comemerations. Scotland is my life,and as long as there is breath in my body I will represent her in my songs.
The two albums I have recorded are entitled {REBELLION}a compilation    of 10 original songs including the stirring{Caledonia My Home} and    {Rebellion} two songs to which I had the greatest pleasure in writing    as I was able to express in words and music just exactly how I feel    about Scotland.
The second album is titled {Scotland Is Me}, a wee bit of a blend of    original and traditional songs such as {Scotland Is Me} and {The Lion's    Roar} a couple of original patriotic songs,also among the traditional    songs are {Dark Loch Nagar} and {Loch Tay Boat Song}. I will be going    in to record a new album in the new year. Info on the album won't be    available untill February.
This disc is a wee mixture of traditional and original material that I had great pleasure putting together.

From the Album REBELLION
Homeland Dream ©
Kevin Wilson CLICK HERE to play track

Brooks and Brent Tucker formed the band "Tucker", and have been performing in the Nashville area for a number of years. They've played at various rodeos and Brooks has opened for Country Music's top acts such as Chris Ledoux, The Dixie Chicks and Mark Chesnutt. Brent and Brooks are of Scottish descent (as are a lot of Texans) and they wanted to put to music the feelings of exiles for their historic homeland. They also wanted to bring attention to the ongoing struggle for an independent Scotland, and let Scotland know that the exiles haven't forgotten that the fight for independence continues to this day. The songs are a melding of Scottish folk music and American folk music and highlight the links between the two forms of music.
Accompanying musicians:
Hoot Hester - fiddle and bodhran
Scott Neubert - acoustic guitar
Gene Rabbai - keyboard
Denny Martin - Producer/Sound engineer

Green Hills of Tyrol © Tucker CLICK HERE to play track

Celtic Cowboy © Tucker CLICK HERE to play track


Schiltrum - Scottish/Irish music at it's best.  Schiltrum are entertaining audiences world wide with their special blend of Clan rallying battle songs, to the mellowest of love songs that would melt any heart.   Added to this are a mixture of funny songs and ditty's to ensure a perfect evenings entertainment for all.

Schiltrum sing, and play the following instruments: Guitars, Banjos, Flutes, Whistles, Bodhrans, Bagpipes, Small Pipes, Electronic Pipes, Mouth Organs, Mandolin and Mandola.

Schiltrum can be seen at many Clan gatherings, Burns Nights, St Andrew's day, St Patrick's day celebrations, and Folk Clubs/Festivals.

Take your event to a new dimension.   To book Schiltrum: e-mail:







Andrew plays a variety of traditional battle songs, ballads and funnies accompanied by Guitar, Bodhran and occasionally mandolin or whistle.
Influenced mainly by the late Roy Williamson, and Ronnie Brown of The Corries he writes originals in a few musical styles on top of playing traditional songs.  Over the past 14 years Andrew has played gigs in Scotland, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Collingwood, Sarnia and Toronto.  In March Andrew travelled to Germany to play alongside The Stokes <http://www.stokesmusic.com/>, Trudy McDermott and Fiachra O'Regan. Andrew has loved folk tunes for as long as he can remember and played his first solo gig at 17. He can also be found playing as part of Shiltrum, and The Mighty Fine Pair.

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