Crann Tara Personality of The Year Award

Since the commemoration to William Wallace in Aberdeen, August 2007 in the shadow of the Wallace statue, Crann Tara considered the idea of creating an award to recognise a personality or personalities who have been seen to show outstanding character in all aspects of promoting the history, culture, heritage and future of Scotland.

Whether this inspiration for the idea came from Wallace himself, or from the feeling that those who have shown outstanding qualities should be recognised, it can’t be explained, but what ever the case the decision was made that an award of recognition on behalf of Crann Tara should be made.

 The award itself being once a year it was deemed that and that it should be presented at the end of every calendar year at the Crann Tara Annual Dinner if possible or at a suitable location for the winning personality. 

The individual(s) who receive the once a year honour is chosen by the members of Crann Tara. The final decision to whom the honour shall be bestowed is taken from the members nominations, with the winning personality(s) being the one with the most votes. The award is based on the various outstanding characteristics, such as outstanding work, passion and patriotism that are shown in all aspects of promoting the history, culture, heritage and future of Scotland. This award is not only for an individual, but to groups or societies etc who are considered to fall into the above category. As Scotland has many great personalities voting is always close.

Although the Crann Tara award is called the personality of the year award, it also recognises the life long achievements of those being presented with the honour. This accolade is given by Crann Tara to those who are considered to be held in the highest regard for their efforts on behalf of Scotland.  


David R Ross 2007 CLICK HERE

Ted Christopher 2008 CLICK HERE

The Corries 2009 CLICK HERE

Ian Hamilton 2010 CLICK HERE

The College of Piping 2011 CLICK HERE

The Gaelic Society of Inverness 2012 CLICK HERE

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