Over the years since Crann Tara was formed in 2005 we have come into contact with numerous like minded groups who have the same mutual interests, the mutual interests of course are preserving and advancing the history, heritage and culture of Scotland. This page has been created to highlight those groups who have continually supported us over the years and hopefully the years ahead. Bellow each group gives us a brief description of who they are and what they specialise in. The unity of groups in support of each other is as important in Scotland today as it was back in the days of the wars of Independence and the Jacobite Uprisings.
To have your group added to this page a group must first be willing to mutually support and respect each other at events, contact should be made via the group secretaries. As far as Crann Tara is concerned all correspondence will be put to the committee for deliberation. Contact for Crann Tara secretary can be found on the FAQ page.

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