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Carol's Chainsaw Carving
Carol's artwork

Carol Adams, Chainsaw carver, based in Crathes, Royal Deeside.

The art of chainsaw carving is a rural folk art that combines the raw power of a chainsaw with the artistic finesse of fine carving, unique works of art.. Originating in the Pacific Northwest , chainsaw carving now attracts interest from all over the world. As a chainsaw artist I compete in national and regional competitions as well as being asked to appear in shows, where I show off my skill and strength needed to create a work of art from a chunk of firewood.

Using a tool that most consider the very epitome of utility and destruction, as an artist I create imaginative, traditional chainsaw art that will add a touch of country charm to any home.

Chainsaw art started becoming popular in early 1950s in the US and the UK and becoming a good chainsaw artist involves good practice and expertise to visualise different things in a piece of wood or a log.

Since a sharp chainsaw is the prime tool to create a beautiful wood carving, artists tend to use the saw in different angles. This raises the danger of getting injured and a good artist gets used to the usual kickbacks.

I get my inspiration from the stunning scenery and local wildlife, but what I carve is quite unlimited and really can have a vast variation brought to life by an individual's imagination.


Samples of my craft can be found in public places and gardens all over the country. I am happy to accept commissions, from small sculptural pieces to giant outdoor statues for large gardens. Some of my best work come from some ones vision of what they want to see in their garden. Contact details 07742 546 885 or 07712 676 416



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