A bike rally ? maybe not the sort of venue for Crann Tara you would think, but it was perfect. As always we could have done with more numbers but the guys who were there carried it off brilliantly. We did a weapons display talking about the various weapons and battle scenarios they had been used in. We also had Davie Ross along and he used all his experience both of talking (he's good at that) and biking. It was a great crowd to work with and some plans were put in place for doing further work with these guys, so thanks to The Saints and Sinners for inviting us along, they certainly know how to organise an event.

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Jim Singer & David Ross helping out with Crann Tara's arms display to the Saints and Sinners
David Ross gives a speech
Bruce Ogilvie explains about the weapons on show
Jim Singer playing around
Some of the spectators try out the weapons
There were even wig wams here
David Ross helping out with the arms display
Two tattoed Saint and Sinners lads
Trying out the weapons on view
Fantastic motorbikes
More great machines

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