Aberdeen to Bannockburn Walk - June 2014

A year ago being 2014, Nationalists and Patriots of Scotland came together on the field of Bannockburn to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the battle. To commemorate a year since that historic date Crann Tara are publishing the diary taken of the walk to Bannockburn form Aberdeen

The reason for the Bannockburn walk

9 years prior to this commemoration was the 700th anniversary of the execution of William Wallace. To commemorate this when the then Labour administration in Scotland did nothing, fellow patriot, historian and author David R Ross took it upon himself to walk from Robroyston in Glasgow to Smithfield market in London where he was met by thousands of fellow patriots to pay respects to Wallace. With the inspiration and rekindling of passion and patriotism caused by this David came up with the idea that if people were to walk from their own locality in Scotland to the field of Bannockburn in 2014 for the 700th anniversary it would be just as inspirational as 2005. Sadly before David could put any plans together he suddenly passed away.

Having seen this as a dream of our friend Crann Tara set about plans to play a part in fulfilling the dream, with an open invitation to all. With an enthusiastic response initially this unfortunately diminished as the walk date came closer until there were only two of us. Groups from various areas did speak about plans to do the same but these never came to fruition either which left Davidís dream solely resting on our shoulders at which point we knew failure was not an option.

Meanwhile plans were afoot in Stirling by Ted Christopher who was organising a commemoration at Stirling Brig before marching the Bannockburn field for the main event this also followed the vision as David imagined it, so it was at Stirling Brig where we made our plans to join our fellow patriots before walking the final few miles to complete our mission.

The following pages gives an account of the walk between the Robert the Bruce statue in Aberdeen to the one on the field of Bannockburn the plan is to publish a page from the diary every week until its fruition on Bannockburn field.

See below for daily reports:

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 1

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 2

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 3

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 4

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 5

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 6

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 7

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 8

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 9

Aberdeen to Bannockburn - Day 10 (Coming Soon)

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