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Ireland , John


Heroes & Famous Scots (I)


Ireland , John (1435-1500)

John Ireland was educated in St. Andrews in the east of Scotland , but had to go abroad

To gain his degree. He chose Paris and earned a Doctor of theology degree. John was well

Known in the city and actually was used on several occasions by Louis XI for diplomatic

Missions. He was well known also for being a good Theologian, writer, and diplomat

He was to become a private Chaplain to two famous Scottish Kings, firstly James III then James IV.

Louis X1
His experiences with the two Kings encouraged him to write a book on the subject, and it tells of how to pass wisdom to people who are to be rulers. Published in 1490 it was called ‘Meroure Wyssdome. John Ireland was also during this time a serving Member of Parliament.' The picture depicts Johns Diplomatic Royal ...Louis XI

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