When it comes to flying the national flag of your country you would be inclined to think this would be done with a passion, a pride and a willingness to do so. When travelling the length and breadth of America there is hardly a house let alone a building of authority that doesn’t fly the Star Spangled Banner, the same can be said in England with the George Cross and in Ireland with the Tri-Colour, but when it comes to Scotland there is an apathy and we don’t seem to have the same reluctance to do so, whether is it because we are not as passionate, or we don’t have the same pride in our country as these others do I don’t know?
There is another reason which adds to this plight and seems to be an issue which is gradually re- occurring through out Scotland being un-noticed by the majority of the Scottish public. That some councils are silently protesting by using there majority to vote against the flying of our national flag. It was not so long ago the Angus council took this very stance via the Rainbow Alliance, but is this coincidence or is there an under lying agenda that Aberdeenshire council have now done the same??? Questions have to be raised. Both councils are similarly controlled by majority of Unionist political parties, The Liberal Democrats and The Conservatives with The Labour party in the wings. Do these parties see the Saltire as a sign of Nationalism and fear the symbolism, or are these parties ashamed of Scotland that they would rather see the Union Jack or no flag at all flown on the flag poles?? The Saltire has been the flag of our nation for centuries long before any other, it is historic not politically motivated like those trying to oppose it being flown. In this time of economic melt down these political parties would rather see our flag poles redundant rather than flying our national flag with pride, but why???
As a result of this new issue regarding Aberdeenshire council’s decision to refuse to fly the Saltire regardless of this being the year of the “Home Coming’’, a campaign has been launched in a bid to address the situation. Although the campaign is targeted at Aberdeenshire council, the issue really affects all of Scotland, take for example the flags that fly above both Edinburgh and Stirling Castles.

George Parkinson who initiated the campaign in Aberdeenshire had the following to say regarding the council’s stance on the Saltire.
“Aberdeenshire is lucky to have so much to offer tourists from castles to beautiful scenery, ski slopes and great local food. The main disadvantage though with the tourism is the Liberal Democrat – Conservative run council who for some illogical reason said no to flying the Saltire.
This is Scotland’s Homecoming Year we should fly our national flag like any other nation would do. Take every opportunity to let them know of what you think of this ridiculous stance, this harmful decision has to be overturned. Let your voice be heard sign the petition. The petition can be found at www.george-parkinson.co.uk”

This stance is not about being political, but about preserving part of our history, heritage and cuture from being eroded away. The Saltire is a symbol of our patron Saint Andrew and historically connected to the Battle of Athelstaneford in 832AD, a symbol of our country for generations in which thousands have rallied around and died for.
Be part of the campaign down load the following poster, if you are in the Aberdeenshire area print them out and stick them up, if you are not within the regional boundaries you could still print them out and send them to a figure in authority or cross out the name attached to this campaign and put them up in your area.!!!! Rise Now and be a Nation Again !!!

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