The battle of Clifton was the last battle on English soil and ended in a resounding victory for the Jacobite forces led on the day by Lord George Murray. However as with any battle even the winners takes losses and in this case it was men of Cluny McPhersons regiment who were killed. Accounts of the battle state that 12 men were lost and some of those men lie still in the village of Clifton in Northern England. The site was marked by a stone however it had become pretty untidy over the years. A group of patriots decided to do something about the situation and arranged for a new fence to be built and for a plaque to go up in honour of these men. On Sunday 17th Dec 2006 a group of around 25 patriots travelled from Scotland to re dedicate the site. The march led by a piper started from St Cuthberts Church in the village where incidentally the English dead from the battle lie buried. The march went through the village to the grave site where it was met by a small group of locals. A short commemoration service was held where the men were referred to as "family" of us all. It was a moving ceremony and the speakers spoke from the heart. I would urge anyone with an interest in Scottish history to drop in by the village and spend a few minutes at the grave site it is very moving. Thanks go to Marti ,Stewart and Julie for their hard work in pulling the day off. The amount of effort they had put in was clear to see and the three of them can't be praised highly enough.

Stewart & Julie have kindly sent us a copy of the book we all recieved after the ceremony, and you can view it here. It is full of facts about the battle and is very interesting.

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Some of the group before the march showing their colours
* Brendan piping in front of some of the group at St Cuthberts church
Bruce left his straighteners at home this morning !
John Stuart Macpherson representing Clan Macpherson
Marti has another lumber
Big Brian smelling English blood
The procession starts from St Cuthberts Church
Marti & Julie flying the flags as the procession moves on
Marti makes a speech
The organisers Mart, Stewart & Julie
* Stewart unveiling the plaque at the Hanging Tree
The Plaque
Julie lays a wreath
Some of the crowd
A toast to the fallen
Crowds round the hanging tree
* Clan Macpherson with their plaque
Posing for the photographers
Wreaths, Plaques and relics laid at the hanging tree
* Wreath and Plaques under the Hanging Tree

We have also have images taken by Frederick Cameron Wilson the news reporter at Clifton. We would like to thank him for this gesture, all his images are marked with an * . Anyone wanting original photos from this page please contact webmaster

THE SUNDAY POST December 24th 2006


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